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Retah's Featured Letter
Date:Mon Aug 31 2015   Year: 2004
Healing of the memories

Generational memories are passed down through generational DNA.

We are all carrying the spiritual and psychological DNA memories of our fathers or mothers that have been passed on to us. Many behavioural tendencies are inherited – just like depression, bitterness, unforgiveness, hate, rejection, low self-esteem, fear, worry, racism, sexual issues and many more. These are called generational curses.  But, there are also many generational blessings that we have inherited through our DNA. All these generational memories, whether good or bad, become our way of life and we pass it on to our children, just as certain hereditary illnesses. We can also refer to these memories as programming or thought patterns.  The only way to stop the evil generational programming is to get inner healing and to trade those memories and dark patterns of our lives through the Blood of Yeshua.

Wholeness and restoration is found in the complete work of Yeshua on the cross. But, I need to acknowledge that I am broken and wounded. Most people deny this, and the problem with denial is that the enemy lives in the dark (graves) of denial. The spiritual battle in families becomes worse, because denial is the seal on the wound – keeping it hidden and in the dark. These wounds become Satan’s domain and breathing space. How will you know? Your life will carry the fruits of killing, stealing and destroying even through your negative and destructive words and thoughts.

Broken memories are carried in the spirit mind (subconscious) and what most people don’t understand is the depth of this battle. This is a battle in the spirit and not of the flesh. You will not even know that you are fighting your husband or wife or children in the spirit, because it is the dark part inside of you that engages in battle. It is your dark thoughts which are doing spiritual witchcraft. All our words of death are darts that the enemy uses to fire someone else. So, if you speak evil of a person, you bewitch that person and all your words are used as fiery darts against their minds, wounding them.

That is why Yeshua said set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the

 higher things), not on the things that are on the earth (Col 3:2).

It is not only our words. So many people don’t realise that their thoughts are lit from the fires of hell to harm themselves and others.  Every evil thought produces toxic in our bodies and minds and is in fact the protein synthesis that becomes our DNA.  And this DNA of the mind, our thought patterns and the condition of our minds are also inherited by our children.  

Our mind carries the memories of our entire generational line. The enemy uses the evil memories and words that you speak about other people to distort your thinking, to introduce wrong believes and to plant deception.  Your thoughts of hatred and unforgiveness towards a family member that hurt you, will therefore not only poison them, but will also cause your mind to become captive to hatred and bitterness. You don’t even need to voice these feelings. As a man thinks so he is.

Inner healing is the healing of the inner person - the mind, the emotions and painful

memories. Inner healing is the renewing of the mind. Rom 12:2  Do not be

conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external,

 superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your

mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves]

what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is

good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].


Our whole being (spirit, soul and body) is so closely inter-related. Any damage

experienced by one part affects the others. Every experience that we go through is

stored in our memory, even if we are unable to recall it. Without Holy Spirit’s

discernment we won’t be able to bring truth to these forgotten memories. We need to

find and face the real condition of our hearts. The fact that we don’t remember, does

not say that the memories aren’t stored inside of us. These are the dead memories

buried deep in our subconscious mind. It is my Lazerus. The sad thing is, that this

part of me that is in the grave are surrounded by an atmosphere of death – breathing

in the breath of death. And the fruit of this dead breath is killing, stealing and

destroying my hope, love, light and that of those close to us.   Unattended wounds always attract bugs – the same with our wounds. Demons attach to our wounds and breathe breaths of hate, jealousy and bitterness into our memories – further clogging and veiling the truth keeping us captive. 

Our past pain and traumatic experiences are stored in our minds as memories. YHVH is the Eternal One and is not limited by time or space (2 Tim 1:9). With Him, through prayer, we can access the events of the past and receive healing for our painful memories. Why would we want to pass these memories and demonic thoughts on to our children? Why would we not care to deal with our wounds, for the sake of our children and ourselves? Remember, whatever you hold on to, you will pass on.

YHVH created in us a free will to choose freedom. But, when our will is damaged we become passive and discouraged or just too stubborn to seek help. The inner healing process starts by asking Yeshua to walk hand in hand with you back through every second of your life, facing and dealing with every hurt and receiving His healing. Since Yeshua is the same yesterday, today and forever, He can go back into time and bring healing to all our hurts. Why would you say you love your children, but keep on fighting them in the spirit by choosing to stay in the grave and giving breath of death to them? The healing of memories is not the digging up of garbage, no! It is recognising and throwing out the garbage that is in us.

Secret sin, even in the spirit, is what our children will inherit. When they turn to Yeshua – the dark DNA (dark memories and thoughts) inside of them become their enemies fighting the light which they chose. How? You may ask. The dark memories or dark DNA will defend their territory. They want you/ need you to live the same dark, defeated life as the generations before you because that is their very existence. They need an atmosphere of death to survive. If you carry depression and evil thoughts, you will pass these memories on from generation to generation. But, you have a choice. You either work through it with Holy Spirit, or you become the generator and maintainer of a family lie that keeps the curse going.  

How much do you love your children? Enough to admit that you have these dark memories and thoughts or patterns in your life? Or are we going to live our lives like hypocrites, saying all is well but fighting the truth inside us? All of us need to put our hands into our bosoms, today, and see that that which my children are fighting and are carrying actually comes from us. We have the opportunity to take full responsibility and change their spiritual inheritance. The more we walk in healing the less the effect of the killing, stealing and destroying will be on our lives and in that of our children.

Unhealthy and irrational emotions usually originate from deep hurts. They obstruct intimacy with YHVH and people and are the cause of most relational breakdowns. We all love to see that our children inherit our good physical characteristics like our eyes or strong physique but, what about the fact that they inherit our fears, temper and dark spiritual sin. What is the spiritual legacy you generate or leave behind? If we don’t deal with it, it will be passed on from generation to generation.

Can it be that the condition of children worldwide is in such a state, because we passed these dark minds and bitterness unto them?  So many children come to me to find help for their traumatic disturbed minds - only to find that the breath that are breathed over them from their parents are the breath of death. Are you speaking life or death over your child? If you have measles, you give your child measles. Even if it is spiritual measles that no one can see you have, then you give that spiritual measles to them in the spirit.

Children will know if you are healed in the spirit, because the breath that you will breathe after being healed is The real breath of Life.

The prayer that I enclosed is so powerful. For many years Aldo was entrapped in the valley of death. It was the generational breath of death that was passed on by my forefathers, unto me, and from me to Aldo. Only when I realized in my journey that Aldo are fighting for life and death, I cried out to YHVH for help. A little letter from Aldo changed my life ‘Mom, you are the gatekeeper from death to me. Mom you carry the death that I breathe in’. What a shock, but how I praise YHVH that I could lay down my pride and put my hand in my bosom and trade the death inside of me through the blood of Yeshua for life in Him.

What if you are the gate keeper and fighting your children in the spirit? What if you chose denial before truth? Our children are the fruits from our tree.

Pray this prayer, because Yeshua wants us all to live, life in abundance.

I bless you in Yeshua’s name.

 Love from Retah and family.       

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    Monthly Contribution

    *Amount is in Dollars. Make sure to specify .00 after your amount to avoid any confusion. Eg: 500.00

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    Once Off Contribution

    *Amount is in Dollars. Make sure to specify .00 after your amount to avoid any confusion. Eg: 500.00

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